A Ghost Story (2017). This is by far the saddest, weirdest film I have seen in a long time. I basically cried through most of the film, which isn’t so unusual, I’m a soft touch for these types of lonely-outsider films. I think the two other people who were present during the sunday afternoon screening perhaps misinterpreted what this film was about. This was not a supernatural horror film like Paranormal Activity or a supernatural horror romance like Ghost. It’s about ghosts but not in the common sense, more the spiritual, emotional sense.


The ‘horror’ component comes from the predicament of ‘what would it actually feel like to be a ghost and watch your loved ones move on without you?’ Answer: Nothing. You wait. Wait for nothing, until you become nothing.

Casey Affleck reprises the tormented man-child he played in Manchester by the Sea (which I also cried alot through). For some reason he’s the type of jackass/nerd I can really relate to. He makes being a terrible boyfriend believable and sympathetic, and the awkwardness of an imploding relationship becomes excrutiating as he tries hide his feelings behind puppy dog eyes. This is matched perfectly by Rooney Mara’s blank, solemn stares; she never once gives into grief the way the female characters do in Truly, Madly, Deeply or Ghost.


An image of her listening to one of his songs on headphones is repeated, presumably this is the precise moment the relationship fell apart, but the tragedy was that he was too late to realise it while he was alive.  In the afterlife you wear a bedsheet and no one notices you. This is just like every break up I’ve ever had, and is a perfect metaphor. This is what I think the film is actually about, suggesting the entire story is a kindof dream, although this doesn’t really matter.