‘Ghosts don’t keep secrets’

A psychological horror/thriller in the vein of Donnie Darko, Jacob’s Ladder, Kill List and Shutter Island. 

A man who suffers from nightmares loses his job whilst finding himself detained as a suspect in a murder investigation.  His apparitions become more frightening as the mystery deepens until he’s compelled to face his dark past.


Tim is an alcoholic suffering from nightmares. He recently lost his job with a finance company and feels isolated and shunned by his community. Tim takes medication for anxiety and depression, but also self-medicates with booze and illegal drugs. His father was a Peter Sutcliffe-type serial killer with rumours he was involved in a secret society. He lives with his younger brother,Pete, who has Asperger’s syndrome, and who he has a strained relationship with.
After a barfight, the police arrest the brothers but send Tim to a psychiatric hospital. Detectives investigating a series of violent murders question Tim as the murders resemble those of his father. Tim is also pursued by a woman claiming to be a friend of someone who went missing and needs his help to find her. Tim’s dreams become waking visions, which get more violent as the investigation goes on, and soon he can’t tell the difference between the real and the imaginary.

Third draft 07/06/2018: Dear Darkness by Edward Learman

Please also find a playlist I’d created as I was writing the script.

Screenshot of my entry confirmation to the ScreenCraft Horror Contest 2018:


I have to mention, something slightly odd happened. Hereditary opened in cinema’s last Thursday (14th June) and I’d heard some fantastic reviews about it, so couldn’t wait to see it. Often if there’s a film I really want to see I try not to read to much about the plot beforehand, just to heighten my experience. Although I’d obviously seen the trailer and five star reviews on the poster.

I didn’t find it especially scary, but I’ve been immuned to scary since my 20s. There are some very chilling and disturbing moments here, as like the Exorcist and Shining, it deals with themes of child abuse, mental illness and the afterlife.

The creepiest thing I found was that some of the themes and motifs aren’t dissimilar to moments in my own story, which I’d already completed and published the first draft for on 24th May.

1. Theme of vulnerable/emasculated men vs scary/disturbed women.
2. Decapitation followed by headless corpse walking around.
3. Car accident on lonely road.
4. There’s a character called ‘Paimon’ which sounds like ‘Pitman’, the name of one of my characters.