‘She Made Me’ feature film pitch 2017


An alcoholic man has visions of murders, which he thinks he might be responsible for. The local community believes he is a murderer since his father was a Peter Sutcliffe-type psychopath,  except he didn’t know this as a child. His father was also into the occult, and there were rumours about a local pagan group.

He has a brother with Asperger’s syndrome who he lives with and as a ‘legal guardian’ for whenever he’s sober, which is never. Mainly the brother takes of care him since he often gets into scrapes and bar-fights. His doctors prescribe him medication since they believe he may schizophrenic, which explain his visions, but which he attempts to subdue with booze and street drugs.

When bodies start turning up and the police begin investigating his visions get worse. At one point he’s confronted by the sister of one of the victims, who he manages to convince of his innocence, and together they embark on a mission to discover the truth, despite the objections from the locals.

In one scene, the protagonist is drink driving at night along a country road when he hits something, maybe a child or woman wearing a nightie. He stops the car to investigate when a sees the ‘ghost’ stood in the shadows. He panics, tries to start the car and hears something in the backseat. He jerks around expecting someone to be there just as the car starts and radio blares, then he pauses and realises that the ghost is probably stood at his window. He slowly turns back around where the ghost is looking down at him.

He tries to get away but the ghost smashes the window and pulls him out the car. He tries pleading with the ghost, but it just beats him down before dragging in front of the headlights to beat him senseless (Raging Bull?). In the following scene his brother goes to visit him in hospital where the doctors are all convinced he did it to himself since he stopped taking his meds and was drinking too much.

My concept is that he has a curse, which he inherited from his father, a demon summoned by a pagan cult. The demon wants him to die, so it can be released, but the drugs and alcohol actually weakens the curse and keeps him stable, this is until the cult start to summon the demon again.







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