Review: Pygmalion at the Nuffield Theatre

Theatre Things

Guest review by Edward Learman

Playing at the Nuffield Theatre last night I had the opportunity to see the latest reinterpretation of George Bernard Shaw’s classic Pygmalion, a co-production performed by Southampton University’s own Nuffield Theatre company and the two touring companies Headlong and West Yorkshire Playhouse.

I knew little about Shaw’s play, except that both he and HG Wells (The Time Machine) had at one time written propaganda romanticising the Russian Revolution and Stalin’s disastrous five-year plans. The title sounded Greek or Roman, and I’d remembered reading that it was an interpretation of the ancient myth, but this could just have easily been on the sleeve notes for My Fair Lady (1964). Interestingly, Pygmalion’s themes can be charted in such films as Titanic (1997), Pretty Woman(1990), She’s All That (1999), and probably a countless number of books and films across the world, making it…

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