After making the mistake of getting on the wrong train today, typically I’d found myself waiting indefinitely at a station in the middle of nowhere. Whilst shivering in the cold, I couldn’t fail to notice the imminent danger looming over my shoulder as I huddled on the platform. It was hard not to notice the metre length web of arachnid sputum that stretched from the ceiling light to the ticket machine, or its hideous, spindly legged, fat-bellied residents whom had become alerted to my presense and eager to make some form of acquaintance – although this was not a mutual feeling.

It was then that I’d realised I was not the focus of their attention, but that one spindly fat-bellied bastard was in fact attempting to intrude upon the personal space of another, slightly less rotund, fat-bellied bastard, presumbly to gain a better position among the spider upper-classes. The dramatic confrontation between the two parties ended with the interloper being forcibly removed from the location of dispute, humiliated, and then made to look like a muthaf**kin fool.

Whilst taking these pictures, I’d imagined SX-10’s ‘Zone’ from The Shield soundtrack playing in my head.