Synopsis for ‘Nerves’

15 minute short play. Three person cast.

A young man is referred to a government funded wellbeing assessment
centre where he meets a man and woman offering support to cure his
feelings of depression through confidence building and learning to
develop intimate relationships.

Download here: Nerves

Synopsis for ‘Cool Beans’

5 minute short film.

Vanessa has a sneaky suprise for  her two young grandchildren when she visits their home to teach them how to garden and plant some magic beans.

Download here: cool-beans

Synopsis for ‘Waterloo’

8 minute monologue play written for Southwark Theatre ‘The Secret Life of Sally’ competition, but not selected for the final piece out of a submission of 500 entries

The was eventually performed in collaboration with a community theatre project in Islington, which dealth with the theme of homelessness and mental health.

Bryan, a psychotic homeless man, recalls his brief romance with Sally when they’d word together for the local before his collapse into alcoholism and depression. Inspired by a panorama documentary I’d watched about a homeless alcoholic who’d studied at Cambridge University and had once worked in publishing, but who’d died during the making of this documentary.

Download here: Waterloo

Meet Sally.

A 37 year old PA, wife and mother, living a simple suburban life…

Or so it seems…

The Secret Life of Sally is a play about secrets, truth, and identity.

Exploring the idea that identity is in the eye of the beholder; that everyone sees us differently and that we are indeed or can become very different people depending on who we are with…we hear from the voices who know Sally well, and those who ‘don’t’…the people in Sally’s life, and those who ‘aren’t’…

A uniquely constructed event, a mixture of monologues and duologues, written by different writers who have followed a set brief invented by Director’s Cut Theatre Company. Directed by members of The Director’s Club, which is in partnership with Southwark Playhouse.

Synopsis for ‘Tea and biscuits’

15 minute short play. 5 person cast.

Exploring the theme of misogyny. 5 characters (4 male or 1 female), but genders can be interchangeable with females playing males. It takes place in an open office and portrays the anxieties of a team of men towards a female colleague who has arrived unexpectedly and appears hostile.  I was inspired by Beckett and Pinter where the language and characters are often surreal or ambiguous.

Download here: tea-and-biscuits