A short film script ‘The Halo Effect’, a claustrophobic chase thriller where I’ve tried to combine elements from the road movie Duel (1971) with the montage style of La Jetée (1962) and the ethereal/dream style of Shame (2011)and Terrence Malick’s films.

Most of the locations are exteriors in the country but which uses additional scenes with splitscreen edits, interior location, still shots and voiceovers from different characters, all revolving around one central character.

Synopsis for ‘The Halo Effect’

Doug is a runner. Today he’s doing a big run as he needs to clear his thoughts, he needs to get away for awhile. He doesn’t know where he’s going but he can’t turn back, there’s nothing left to go back to.

As he runs cross country, through parks, down back alleys, he hears the voice messages of friends, colleagues and family asking him to call them back, to know where he is, or to admonish him for past grievances – he ignores these and focuses on running.

An automated answerphone plays short messages asking him if he’d like to claim PPI insurance. There are messages from solicitors about his claim for an unfair dismissal,  and his landlord leaves angry messages. His ex and his best friend call and leave messages about their affair and tell him to stop calling. His father calls and tells him to get a grip and be a man.

He has an angry exchange after a near collision before the biker chases Doug down a country road. Doug is chased into a farmer’s field to a derelict warehouse. He hides but finds a weapon to defend himself. He waits for the right moment until the biker is close enough then attacks him, knocking him off his bike.

The biker lays on his back and tries to crawl away but Doug kicks him down. He stands over him and demands to know why he’s being chased. He doesn’t kill the biker, but turns and walks away. He finds a phone box to call his parents and tells them he’s on his way home.

Full script and synopsis dowload here:

The Halo Effect

Synopsis – Halo Effect