This is a personal list of films I’d either blubbered at or nearly blubbered, don’t ask me why I made this I guess it’s just mid-week blues. Several are films I’d watched either as a kid or more recently, in which case I’d always relied on my amazing ability to fool people by using the ‘I had something in my eye’ – routine.

Some are famous classic tearjerkers and unashamedly sentimental, some are quite good films, and some are defiantly bad films

21 Grams – Del Toro cries.

The Abyss – Harris says goodbye.

Always – Dreyfuss dies.

Awakenings – De Niro says goodbye.

Avatar – Tree house destroyed

The Bear – puma scene.

Braveheart – whenever Gibson says FREEDOM!

Brazil – flying dream sequence in love.

Brokeback Mountain – ‘I wish I knew how to….’

Burnt By The Sun* – scene where KGB bad guy tells the sad fairy tale, devastating.

Carrie – Sissy locked in closet by evil mum.

Catch Me If You Can – ‘keep running, son’

City of the Lost Children – Santa Claus nightmare.

The Crow – opening ambulance montage.

Dead Ringers – Irons falls in love.

Death in Venice – end scene.

Die Hard – Willis cries – ‘who gives a fk about glass!’

Diving Bell and the Butterfly – ‘what a monster’

Edward Scissorhands – ‘I can’t’

Empire of the Sun – Bale watches spitfires attack.

Eternal Sunshine Spotless Mind – end scene

Flight of the Navigator – where is everyone?

The Fly – ‘You should leave now’

Forrest Gump – end scene.

Glory – Washington and Broderick become friends.

Good Will Hunting – ‘I don’t love you’

Groundhog Day – when Murray dies again and again.

Harry and the Hendersons – when Lithgow punches bigfoot.

Heavy – Liv Tyler leaves.

Honey I shrunk the kids – can’t remember?

Hook – ‘that’s my dad’

Il Postino – can’t remember but very sad.

Jacob’s Ladder – end scene ‘shit, his guts are hanging out’

Jean De Florette – can’t remember but is sad.

The Kid – Tramp dreams he dies.

Land Before Time – Mummy dies.

Last of the Mohicans (1992) – end scene.

Last Resort – end scene

Leaving Las Vegas – ‘I really miss him’

Leon – end scene

Love is never silent – ‘a coffin for my dead brother’

Manhattan – breakups ‘don’t cry’.

Neverending Story – horse dies.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – end scene

Pump up the volume -‘You’re Harry?’

Read My Lips – end scene

Remains of the Day – Hopkins is all alone.

Royal Tenenbaums – suicide scene.

Schindler’s List – Girl in red dress.

Shawshank Redemption – end scene.

Short Circuit – end scene

Starman – end scene

Strange Days – Fiennes misses Lewis.

Superman – Lois Lane dies

Thin Red Line – Penn rescues soldier.

Trainspotting – baby dies.

Transformers: The Movie (1986) – Optimus dies.

True Romance – Hopper dies.

Unforgiven – end scene

Wall-E – She saves him.

Young Guns – end scene