I’d watched Deadpool today, not because I like superheros or this particular character (although I like the post-modern stuff by Miller, Busiek, Morrison, Moore, Pekar, McCloud and Spiegelman et al.), this wasn’t as quite as derivative as every other Marvel/DC style film of this ‘genre’. Not quite a satire or parody of superheros, although the character’s penchant for gory violence, sexist jokes and bad language does classify him as an anti-hero. Not nearly as interesting or exciting as Watchmen or Kickass, the former of which I’d felt a noble effort by Snyder to be faithful to the comic, that latter I’d felt was uninteresting and superfluous compared to the irony and oneliners of the Joker in Dark Knight.
Deadpool is essentially bloodier, more grotesque version of what Edgar Wright already achieved with Ant-man, for those keeping count. A tired Hollywood genre, easy to forget, and downhill all the way.
Although I’d found Kickass boring and silly, the scene where Hitgirl saves her father is still great, plus there’s the bonus of watching Nic Cage die on screen which is something he should do more often: