Newspapers rolled up

On Monday 18th March, Time to Change held the latest in its series of media education events. This one focussed on print journalists, both tabloid and broadsheet. How much difference can this make to the quality of press reporting where there is a mental health aspect? Take a look at the links below – including the live blog and tweets under the hashtag #TTCmeet media – to see what you think.

At the start of the evening, a film was shown with some valuable advice about reporting mental illness. It’s well worth watching the short (7 mins) film for more fascinating insights put in a straighforward manner. These included the following advice on reporting breaking news stories:

  1. Stick to the facts and don’t speculate that mental health is a factor unless you know it to be 100% true
  2. Interview someone with a mental health problem, to give your audience a…

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