My fan pitch for what the The Crow reboot should be, borrowing storylines from Ghost and Broken City:
A woman (late 20s early 30s) works as a part-time teacher to support herself and son while she looks for work as a performance artist. She rents an apartment with her friend and is recently separated from her ex-husband, a workaholic laywer, currently entrenched in a legal case against the city council for allegations of bribery and threats against tenants in the poorer neighbourhoods.
A suspected druglord is implicated in these allegations, and attempts to bribe the young lawyer but who refuses the offer. One evening, the young woman with her son and friend are followed by a group of street hugs, and then attack them when the family when confronted, they do not survive the attack.
After the death of his ex-wife and son, the aggrieved laywer pursues his case, but after six months the charges are eventually dropped. Two years later, the laywer has moved on, and has started a new family, and attempts to reopen the old case against the Mayor’s office. He then recieves a visit from one of the thugs who’d murdered his ex.
In a graveyard, a crow lands on the tombstone where his ex is buried and begins hammering the stone with its beak. The earth caves in as a pair of white hands crawl to the surface. The woman has returned to avenge the innocent and because the crow tells her that the spirits are unhappy, and that they owed a death for the pain she has suffered. She goes to her old apartment, now derelict and infested with rats, retrieves some Goth make-up and a black funeral dress, before climbing to the roof, grinning and muttering to herself ‘I guess it’s a bad night to be a bad guy’.
CUE: Sword-fights with nunchaku and fireaxes, NIN music thumping on the soundtrack, crushed metal as subway carriages explode, elevators crash and burn, while assorted thugs and mercs are dispatched and made to eat lead. Rooftop/helicopter chase sequences in which the once cheery, bookish Vegan pre-school teacher spouts lines like ‘Motherf***ers, you gotta be s****in me?! I swear to God I’ll never go in a tall building again!’ ( as in Darkman or Bruce Willis in Die Hard).
As the body count rises, a local detective is given the unpleasant task of investigating these series of grizzly murders. He’s tired, but the police chief tells him he’s on probation unless he starts pulling his act together – he doesn’t care how he does, just make sure he find the perp or it’s his ass. The detective pays a visit to the ex-husband who tells him all about his murdered wife and the case against the mayor, and how everything was swept under the rug and forgotten.
He and the detective then decide to track down whoever’s declared war and responsible for the killings. They meet with the mayor’s legal assistant, as the detective has a hunch that the Mayor paid off some local drugdealers to take out the trash.
The druglord kidnaps and tortures the detective, he tells him and the mayor all about the dead wife and her ex husband. The two villains then abduct the lawyer and his family to lay atrap for the Crow.
The tragedy of the Crow, is that she knows she can’t bring back what she’s lost, and like Eric Raven, she’ll never be normal or be with her loved ones again, but she can stop it from happening to others.
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