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On Monday The Telegraph website posted an article by Dan Bell, arguing that the ‘Good Lad’ workshops recently introduced into a school in Oxford, aimed at teaching boys about sexual harassment and violence, were ‘the latest in a mushrooming series of initiatives in which ideologically-driven activists are being invited into schools, driven by the belief that boys need to be re-educated to prevent them from becoming a threat to women.’

Bell proceeded to list other similar initiatives aimed at what he described as the ‘indoctrination’ of boys, in which he claimed the emphasis was on ‘imposing an ideological worldview that first and foremost sees young men as potential abusers and perpetrators.’ In Bell’s opinion, these campaigns offer a glimpse of ‘an increasingly pervasive culture of toxic feminism in schools’ that is ‘weighing down boys with a collective sense of guilt and shame’ and are part of ‘a drive to make…

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