Mobbing and Bullying

©2011 Gail Pursell Elliott

Unemployment and job security have created some disturbing behaviors in today’s workplaces. Supervisors Intimidating employees and verbally bullying them has become more prevalent as well as coworkers behaving subversively to protect their jobs from others viewed as a threat to their continued employment. Behavioral risk management is the realm in which we address workplace violence. Not addressing incivility and disrespectful behavior in the workplace especially in times such as these is risky business. Creating a safe environment in this area can be challenging and like every other safety issue, requires an organizational commitment, structural and procedural assessments, and implementation of safeguards such as communication education, monitoring and intervention. Unfortunately, most programs addressing issues of violence are more reactive than proactive. Once the need has been demonstrated either by overt acts of aggressive behavior, threats or worse, a company will scramble to figure out what happened in…

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