Originally blogged 30th October 2008

Excelsior Hotel,  64 Favouex Street, Excelsior Hotel 17/10/2008

Friday Night at the Excelsior Hotel and the front bar was just packed enough for me to elbow my way around the chairs without causing any unnecessary harm. I came late and arrived a few hours after the doors opened, but could hear the thump and crash of wood colliding bluntly against galvanized steel from down the street, this told me tonight’s entertainment was in full swing. It was still too early for any self-respecting head-banger or punk to get into it, and from observing the happy patrons there wasn’t a shred of ripped denim in sight.

I guessed none of them were here to see the bands furiously pulverizing stick in the back room and were content to sit on the stools, or just by remaining close the noise enhanced their image of coolness. The crowd past the ticket desk was visibly different than the ones outside it, altogether hairier, heavier and leatherier, quite a few bearded bikers and trash babes occupied the main floor, or perched on a stool politely staring at the racket on stage. I hadn’t heard any of the bands on the line up before, but felt rewarded for making the effort to show up that evening.

At first, I’d assumed Atomicide were just another local garage group here to support the headline act, but they’d given everyone a solid show like a punch to the solar plexus. Songs like “Woman I adore”, “TV tried to kill me” and “Cancer” reminded me of 1995’s post-grunge, a mangle between the fast bits of Offspring and Foo Fighters with traces of hardcore Dead Kennedies. Although they’d looked like an evil double of the John Butler Trio, the boys in Atomicide still managed a few jokes between bursts of hard playing. Friends and fans in the audience applauded when they hammered through “Ace of Base” for the encore, and I’d felt this was a band who had not forgotten their grassroots.

The last act to come on was the oddly titled Devine Electric, who’d managed to steal what was left of the show judging from the amount of girls and lip-gloss now falling around the stage, and the pelvic thrusts of the groups more seasoned members (Ivor and Zino), perhaps to the displeasure of the hardcore contingent . Devine Electric clearly takes it’s inspiration from the ironic cock rock of QOTSA and Turbonegro, and borrow a few chunky licks from British metal gods Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

The fact that the paunch front man ‘Shark’ resembled both Jack Black and Dom Joly from UK’s comedy show Trigger Happy, as he wailed and tornado-ed around the tiny stage, gave the show a charisma that most bands fail to impress. For anyone who likes live show that’s a bit kitsch and their 80s metal jet black, check out the fun:

Information about Devine Electric can be found here:




http://www.myspace.com/atomicide Spectrum 8 November