Fairly decent sci-fi horror in the vein of Alien, SAW, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Blair Witch Project, The Thing, Deliverance, Evil Dead etc.

Some of the reviewers seem to praise this indie cult film for its originality and ‘re-invention’ of the sci-fi genre, but which is slightly grandiose.

The film is pretty much the same as any other classic archetype of the genre and not as surprising, or well paced as SAW, it’s obvious torture-porn predecessor. People comment alot on how the low budget special effects meant the filmmakers had to focus more on the characters rather than the action, but actually the special effects are fairly good (particularly the cheese wire killing that seems to have been stolen for Residential Evil) and the characters and dialogue is prosaic and predictable. If you’ve ever watched an episode of The Walking Dead or Lost you will be familiar with the manipulative characters immediately.