My Blueberry Nights (Wong Kar-Wai, 2007)

Fans of Chunking Express, Fallen Angels and In The Mood for love perhaps won’t be flushed by this mainstream headliner as the cult Hong Kong director and arthouse cinema darling Kai Wai makes his US debut. The style and narrative idiosyncrasies showing Kar-Wai’s autuerism is intact, but then, as people and critics have found, the movie celebs taking on the idiosyncratic style and performances is less endearing and sincere as his earlier films.

Visually, it’s hypnotic like a southern comfort TV advert, strobe effects and neon lights, arthouse montage and extreme angles like French New wave cinema quintessential to Godard make it beautiful.

The story is passe, too hip, nor does the music and the cameo by Chan Marshal , aka ‘Cat Powers’, make it convincing, while the look and sourthern gothic road-movie existentialism isn’t as exotic as Ridley Scott’s Thelma and Louis or Wim Wender’s Paris Texas, which it reminds.

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